Yakima Speedway via seattletimes.com

After 50 years, a beloved Speedway is going to be bulldozed


Six decades of racing is coming to a close.

The long-time owner of the Yakima Speedway in Yakima, Washington is selling the track to private developers who want to use the property for a hotel, retail space, and an ice rink.

Ted Pollock, who has owned the track for 51 of its nearly 60-year existence, tells the seattletimes.com that the track has served its purpose.

"It's time to get some other use out of it," said Pollock, who said he is getting old and his interest in racing is declining.


Pollock put the property up for sale in 2016 and had immediate interest from developers due to its close proximity to Interstate 82. The initial asking price was for $10 million dollars but the real estate agent handling the deal says the sale price is less than that.

The investors buying the 46-acre property are reportedly planning a 120-room hotel, a multi-story office building, various shops and restaurants, and an NHL-sized ice arena.