An open letter to Yamaha on the bizarre Niken


Dear Yamaha,

We've had some good times. I mean you guys came up with the R1! That was a 1000cc monster on diet pills, but we've got to talk about the Niken. Jalopnik just posted about your new project, and it's just not a great look. Let's just face it, trikes aren't cool.

Are you O.K.? Good.

Because that art-house, "I went to film school and skis are trikes now" nonsense you just attempted to pass off as an ad isn't going to fly.


What happened to this man? Why does he make that noise when his arms move? Why is he making skis? Why is he using those swords like that? That's clearly a safety hazard; does OSHA know about this ski factory? Now he's skiing on a road? NOW HIS SKIS ARE A TRIKE?

Why are you doing this to yourself? No one is asking you to not innovate. No one is really asking you to not make weird TV spots; America has essentially built an Emmy category around them with the Superbowl. But please, for the sake of all that is good, don't be the company that tries to make trikes cool by inventing the sport fedora of motorcycles.


Let's just go back to '98 for a year and attempt another ridiculously small super bike.

Sincerely yours,

Every motorcycle lover

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