Racer gets elbowed off his bike in dirty move, but gets his revenge in the sweetest way possible



The 2017 Bondowoso Road Race in East Java, Indonesia probably wasn't on your calendar of must-see racing events, but as it turns out, it should have been.

As two drivers approached a turn, one threw an elbow into the abdomen of the other causing him to wipeout and crash his motorcycle into the railing. We're not positive, but our first inclination would lead us to believe the elbow would be considered a rule violation.

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But rather than walk away and call it a day, the downed driver took off his helmet and waited for his rival to make his way back around the track. As his opponent approached on his bike, the man grabbed a heavy sack from the middle of the course and tossed it in front of the oncoming motorcycle. In true karmatic fashion, the elbow-throwing thug crashed his bike.

It didn't quite end there. As the elbow victim walked towards his attacker, the man got up and ran away. He can be seen getting chased down the track, as the downed driver sought justice.

If this is how they do things in Indonesia, we may have to pencil this race into the calendar for 2018.