The benchmark of what a luxury sedan should look and feel like was essentially set when the Mercedes-Maybach S600 was first introduced. Then came the custom Mercedes S600 Royale shortly after, a custom one-off which damn near flipped the script on luxury sedans.

Built upon the W222 chassis, which debuted in 2014, the S600 Royale began life as a brand new S600, and high-end modifications were made all over the place. The grille was completely redone to evoke those classic Benz stylings, and the headlamps and taillights were swapped out for those from the SLS. From top to bottom, the Royale is on a whole other level of style and sophistication.

The existence of this custom luxury sedan even went so far as to baffle many when it burst on the scene a few years ago, being that it was the only one of its kind and neither the owner nor the designer was even known to the public.

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Considering how its arrival was described by those who first witnessed it, you can imagine how big of a deal this was at the time.

Per The Drive:

The S600 Royale seems to have been designed with the vintage fintail Mercedes-Benz S-Class in mind—think the W111 and W112 generations. Just, uh, with the addition of some headlights borrowed from the former Mercedes-Benz halo car, the SLS AMG. But unlike that gullwing sports car, this S600 is seriously square. Just look at that boxy hood and that incredibly square trunk.

Also, we can’t ignore that interesting (and probably fake) radiator cap at the front of the grille, or those massive dished chrome wheels. Interesting choices there. But, from what we can see of the interior, everything seems to be identical to a normal S-Class.

Just one look at that incredible machine, and it’s clear why the Mercedes Royale got the epic reaction that it did. It’s part vintage, part modern, all pure, unadulterated luxury.


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