Tesla owners discovered a new Easter egg over the holidays



Most car companies celebrate the Holiday season with a year-end closeout sale or free cookies after each test drive. Tesla is not like most car companies.

This year, they have sent an over-the-air software update that enables something called "Santa Mode." The feature is available in the Model S and Model X, and it transforms your car into the ultimate Santa Sleigh.

No, you can't fly around in your Telsa delivering presents, but instead, the mode changes the car in the instrument cluster from a Tesla to Santa's Sleigh, the surrounding vehicles on the display turn into reindeer, and the car plays "Run Rudolph Run" when the turn signals are used. Lastly, the roads on the display in the dash turn icy on vehicles equipped with autopilot.


If you think this Santa mode is a little nuts than you don't know about the 2016 Holiday Mode. Last year the car would play Christmas music while flashing lights and opening and closing the doors automatically. Tesla may be serious about building electric cars, but they are all fun and games during the Holiday Season.