This top ten movie car list takes a hilariously different approach Donut Media/YouTube

The film industry has always had a unique way of dolling up cars, vans, trucks, small tanks, large tanks, . . . space ships to just look a little ridiculous. So in the spirit of time and efficiency, the folks over at Donut Media pulled together a compilation of footage to create a list of the 10 most ridiculous movie cars of all time.

There are a lot of B-movies in the list, which seem to revolve around these strange cars, looking at you Damnation Alley, but there are also some iconic people movers among them. For instance, Eagle 5 from Space Balls and the Shaggin Wagon from Dumb and Dumber both made the final cut.

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Will is an Atlanta native, who spends his time hiking with his dog, Marty, and seeing how deep he can submerge his Subaru in mud without ruining it; it’s more than he thought.
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