Kyle Busch has a message for Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his Uber wows


Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s made a lot of news for Uber over the last few days, first (playfully) obsessing over his rider score, and then, (playfully) taking advice from Uber on how he can improve.

Kyle Busch has also -- playfully -- jumped into the fray. Check this out:

That's a great comeback because Junior is one of the sports most popular drivers, and Rowdy one of the most despised.

Here was Uber's answer on how Earnhardt could do better:




Junior took it all in stride.

It all started this past weekend, with his tweet:


A 4.0 Uber passenger score!? For a 14 time most popular driver? Unacceptable. He presumably started going places just so he could hitch rides with more Uber drivers to up his score because by the next day his score began improving.

But Junior's Uber score improvement campaign hit a snag when one driver utterly destroyed him.

Poor guy. Maybe Earnhardt Jr. needs to become an Uber driver himself. Surely, that would net him some five star ratings!

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