Take a look at this driver being totally oblivious to his technician's mistake


It looks like we have another entry into world's most oblivious drivers.

This Chevy/GMC Blazer/Jimmy driver seems to have no idea he is toting around a piece of an alignment machine.

If you weren't aware, the paddle looking thing hanging off his wheel is a target that is attached to each wheel to allow an alignment machine to read the exact position of the wheel via laser. Usually, however, the targets are taken off when the alignment is finished. Some technician is sitting in his garage wondering where the heck it went. What is most surprising about this isn't the obliviousness of the driver or even the forgetfulness of the technician. Instead, we're mostly surprised that the thing is staying on! The targets only have the smallest of hooks to grab onto the edge of the rim and getting one snug is sometimes the hardest part of an alignment.

Sometimes there is nothing you can do but laugh and try to keep your distance from a driver who is clearly not the most observant person on the road.


H/T Jalopnik

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