during the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Overton's 400 at Pocono Raceway on July 30, 2017 in Long Pond, Pennsylvania.

Driver criticizes NASCAR, and in the process, looks silly doing it

NASCAR has put a premium on keeping drivers safe and track safety. It's one of those initiatives that most everyone can agree is a good move.

Everyone, it seems, except Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

After a wreck during a race in Belgium, F1 deployed its  safety car, and Martin was not pleased.

Yahoo Sports reported that Hamilton called the move "B.S.," and he then told reporters after the race:

"I felt it was a bit like NASCAR, where they keep pulling out the safety cars for no reason," Hamilton.

There are two things wrong with this. Hamilton apparently meant the much-criticized "caution clock" concept that has been nearly universally jeered by fans.  Secondly, pulling a car on to the middle of the track would be nothing but dangerous, counter to all of the safety precautions NASCAR has tried to undertake.

Maybe Hamilton's comments got lost in come sort of translation. Regardless, he looks awfully silly,