Dale Earnhardt Jr. didn't let an embarrassing gaffe ruin his day at an NFL training camp

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is inching ever nearer to his imminent retirement. He is an established legend of the sport ready to ride off into the sunset. However, he is not too old to excitedly forget everything when he gets to see his favorite sports team in person. Including his keys:

We've all been there Dale. Especially once automakers started adding automatic locking features to their cars, it was easy to forget it was locked until long after the closed door had sealed our fate. Then there is nothing left to do but wait for the locksmith, fire department or your patience to run out and decide that brick in the parking lot is the best option.

What fewer of us have done is not even noticing the car is still running as we walk away. He must have really been excited to see Terrell Pryor in action.

On the bright side, some very important science was achieved thanks to Dale's little brain fart when he learned how much fuel a Chevy Colorado burns at idle.

Just over a quarter tank over 8 hours? Not bad. Way to go Chevy!

At least Dale had a good time. Easier to laugh off an embarrassing moment when you got to run routes with an NFL team earlier in the day.


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