Stories about kids being locked in cars usually end in heartbreak and moral ambiguity. Were the parents at fault? Could the child have been saved? Was it all just some awful accident that we need to move on from? Fortunately, the UK’s Brandon Green breaks the mold by locking himself in the car and having a damn good time doing it.

According to the Huffington Post, Brandon started the incident after his mother, Kirsty, accidentally locked her keys in the trunk while putting away groceries. Before she could reach inside to open the trunk, Brandon seized a moment of opportunity and locked himself inside the car. Firefighters were called, and entertained the happy toddler while they worked to gain access to the car. When they noticed the child had a coin in his mouth that could potentially choke him, the car’s back window was shattered to free the child more quickly.

Brandon’s story brings new and some familiar questions to light. Again, it’s important to ask if this was an accident, or was Brandon taking the car hostage, possibly as leverage for future demands. One can almost hear the future guilt trip he is planning for his mom.

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Child has a blast after locking his mom out of the car @BudeCFRS /Twitter:
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