She’s not the hero we deserve, but she’s the one we all need. A good Samaritan Subaru Impreza driver was stuck in traffic on Highway 516 in Kent, Washington, slowly seething as the cars around her continued to stagnate.

Soon, an immeasurable injustice occurred. The Impreza driver was passed by another car, then another, and then it became obvious, cars were passing the traffic jam on the shoulder. It’s common knowledge that people who pass traffic on the shoulder are among the top 15 worst Hitlers in history, probably only six spots behind the real Hitler.

So, Impreza driver did what we’ve always wished we could do when trapped in a similar situation, she took her relatively new Subaru and rammed a crappy Jeep Cherokee thee times to push it off the shoulder. Yeah, take that forces of darkness!

According to the Seattle Times, however, the authorities don’t exactly appreciate poetic justice, so they ticked both drivers. The Jeep and Subaru received $500 tickets for noncriminal negligent driving in the second degree.

H/T Jalopnik

A Subaru driver thought this Jeep absolutely deserved everything it got Washington State Patrol
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Will is an Atlanta native, who spends his time hiking with his dog, Marty, and seeing how deep he can submerge his Subaru in mud without ruining it; it’s more than he thought.
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