If you havn’t taken a look at performance side by side UTV’s since having an embarrassing spill in the early, more roll-over-prone models (Just us?), you might want to look again. They’ve come a long way.

This stunt-filled commercial sandwich is called “XP1K4,” which could be confused for a Chinese brand’s new luxury sedan. Despite the clunky name, it could be the most entertaining three minutes of ads and four minutes of off road stunt driving ever.

AJ Anderson wanted to pay tribute to freestyle motorcycles in his extremely modified Polaris RZR XP Turbo EPS UTV. So he took it to an obstacle course filled with tunnel-to-tunnel jumps, a supersized whoops section, giant step-up jumps and even the classic motorcycle daredevil contraption: The “Wall of Death.”

With the help of some very talented ramp builders, he was also able to make this 1,500 pound 168 hp (before the extensive modifications) UTV do a 50/50 grind down a set of rails and even complete the most improbable backflip.

The backflip was particularly insane. They used an ingenious ramp design that allows the front wheels to go off a steeper lip than the rear to induce the rotation, but all the engineering in the world doesn’t account for the guts it takes to actually drive up a ramp like that.

One downed camera drone is a small price to pay for the stunt holy grail.

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UTV stunt-fest culminates in an unbelievable backflip
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