[VIDEO] NHTSA Delay’s Hacker’s $999 Autonomous Car Kit So He’s Giving It Away For Free YouTube

Infamous hacker George Hotz made a splash back into popular culture early this past year when he announced his new venture,, and the company’s development of a consumer-end autonomous driving kit which convert your regular car into one that potentially stand with the Teslas and other high-end automakers who are slowly incorporating the technology into their newest vehicles. Now, after jumpstarting the venture by rapidly testing a prototype and submitting every bit of regulation-abiding paperwork necessary to take the conversion kit to market, Hotz has landed himself in hot water once again, only this time he’s grappling with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The NHTSA issued a cease and desist letter, citing safety and testing concerned, even though Hotz had formally tested the system under actual highway conditions. Hotz boxed up the project, saying he would rather continue to develop new tech than wrestle with lawyers, and opted to release the code for his system for any interested parties online, called Comma Neo, all for absolutely nothing.

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