[VIDEO] Drunk Driver Hits a Car and Passes Out, Biker Films His Friends Trying to Get Him Home Before the Cops Come

Biker and youtuber Scotty Dont was driving around when he noticed a Ford Explorer that had struck a parked truck. When he circled back around he found the driver drifting in and out of consciousness. He could smell the alcohol and knew the guy was completely plastered. That’s when he called 911 so the cops and fire department would arrive. He also pocketed the keys and just in time too. Soon the guy’s friends or family showed up to try and get him away from the scene of the accident. Maybe this guy had several DUIs already? Whatever the case, they couldn’t move his Explorer without the keys and barely managed to get the drunk offender into the back seat before the cops arrived and they took off. Good think the biker’s got the whole affair on film!

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