Auto-Transporter Leads Police on a Wild Chase



Police pursued the driver of a large auto-transporter when the truck collided with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and then tried escaping. The chase lasted approximately 95 miles with recorded speeds up to 60 mph. An estimated 90 shots were fired by the police.

At 0:20, the driver swerves dangerously between the two lanes, one of which is oncoming traffic
At 0:40, a civilian driver gets in front of the truck (maybe trying to make the truck stop?) and is hit, sending it barreling off the road
At 1:45, the police start firing shots at the tires and fuel tanks in an effort to stop the runaway truck
At 4:23, the police pull off the side of the road and throw rocks at the truck as it speeds by (hoping to break the windshield and scare the driver into stopping?)
At 6:13, the police finally catch the driver, making him lie down on the ground and handcuffing him. There are civilians hanging around for some reason?