Here we have a 36-foot Skater Powerboat with a dual set of 1,500 horsepower supercharged Sterling engines with blowers on top and chrome exhaust tips. I’m guessing we got your attention with “powerboat.”

In the above clip, performance-boat enthusiast Ron Szolack was simply warming up the oil in preparation for a shootout race, and boy, just when you think they are about to redline these outboards, just when the engines sound like they are about to pop, BAM! They pump up the throttle and nearly get flying with it. This is a definitive powerboat.

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Just take a quick look at the specs on the 368 model, and you’ll see that this thing is as legit as it gets.

Per Skater Powerboats:

Based on the first offshore catamaran to officially clock over 200mph, the 368 Skater is an 8” widened 36’ Skater. The wider tunnel not only adds stability to an already incredible performing hull, but also makes the cockpit wide enough for seating of up to 6 people. Every 368 get’s a custom flat-deck and wrap-around windshield for a full custom look and protection from the wind. The racing heritage for this model is legendary, and performance is second to none. Offered as either an inboard or outboard boat, the 368 is a true offshore performer. With a pair of Mercury Racing 400R outboards, speeds in excess of 115mph are achieved. As an inboard boat, performance runs from 130+ mph with mild, 700+ hp motors to 170+ mph with the current 1100+ hp turbo or supercharged motors. When you start to get serious about going fast, the 368 is the boat to have.


Can you imagine taking this baby out on the water? Incredible!

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