This is the perfect toy car for future engineers

Finally, a toy car that's designed to be taken apart and still be reassembled! It's like Christmas. Too bad we're all adults now with lives built out of taxes, jobs, student loan debt and crushed dreams, but sure, you can have this car that you can build and un-build. That'll do it for you.

Modarri is marketed as the ultimate toy car, which seems subjective, but we'll run with it for today. The cars come in a kit complete with all the pieces you need to create either the stock version of each car or a Mad Maxx-themed, apocalyptic hell cart made of pieces from all the different other cars. It's like a Rorschach personality test for your auto-inclined child. The possibilities are endless.

The cars aren't direct-from-life models like Hot Wheels and Matchbox, they are designed to seem a little fanciful, giving kids the creative space they need to really enjoy the mix-and-stylings of the brand.