We’ve shown you some of the amazing drift trikes we’ve seen SFD produce before but none are like this!

The origins of drift trikes

Where did this genius idea to souped-up a kidlike tricycle to go beyond speeds of 20 mph? There has been an evolution of drift triking that has brought us to the motorized drift trikes of today.

There are a few key contributors to thank. First and foremost, Trek, for creating the newer child’s Trike, the MOD, back in 2008. According to, we can thank some thrill-seeking New Zealanders and Travis Pastrana for the fun. Once they saw the tricks from Nitro Circus starring Pastrana doing crazy stunts with the new trike, the Kiwis stepped it up a notch by adding PVC piping to cover the wheels. This creative engineering move provided a slicker surface and allowed for the downhill drifting we see today.

We also must thank Devin Super Tramp and Redbull for popularizing the niche sport. In 2012, Tramp released a YouTube video that went viral, creating the buzz for like-minded thrill seekers from young to old for hitting top speeds and taking on crazy downhill drifts. None other than Red Bull decided to sponsor a downhill race on the iconic hill near Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Riders approached speeds of over 50 mph. Woah!

The wave of motorized drift trikes

And now here we are- the motorized and electronic days of trike drifting. The previous versions DIY modified trikes had a minor flaw. They required all downhill riding. Introducing a motor or battery means the drifting can continue well beyond the bounds of downhill momentum. Pushing for longer rides and the ability to go hill. Game changer indeed.

SFD Industries amps it all up even more. This custom build on their most recent bike includes nothing short of a massive engine capable of spitting pure fire out of the back! The lights, the flames, the chrome, and of course the drifting!

Watch this SFD Industries’ beauty in action.

[Video] SFD Industries creates a Flame Throwing Motorized Drift Trike!

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