Paul Walker’s Daughter Sues Porsche for Wrongful Death

Paul Walker’s 16 year old daughter has filed a lawsuit against Porsche for the death of her father. She’s claiming that the police report surrounding the accident was incorrect, and it wasn’t the fact that the car was speeding that caused the crash.

She’s claiming that the car itself careened out of control because it was lacking a stabilizing device that Porsche makes but didn’t include in his particular Carrera GT. She claims that this resulted in the car crashing and breaking apart. The force of the impact broke many of Walker’s ribs and pelvis which trapped him in the passenger seat as the car burned.

This is truly horrific stuff, and refutes the initial report that Walker was killed on impact. Her lawyer also alleges that Walker would be alive today if it weren’t for the “defects” in that model of Porsche, and that the car itself shouldn’t be on the streets.

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