Left lane campers are right up there with people driving on their phones. Maybe not as dangerous, but definitely as annoying. Nevada is getting tough with these slow-motion traffic hazards. According to ABC, the state is making travelling even one mile an hour under the speed limit in the left lane illegal.

“It’s law here that if you’re gonna be in that lane, you need to be going at least the speed limit,” Trooper Jason Buratczuk told ABC.

This is awesome news. Clogging up the left lane forces people to either sit and stew as their road rage grows or to pass the offending car on the right. It is interesting however, the wording their using. They are sure to insist that they aren’t encouraging speeding, but they are also saying you must be going “at least” the speed limit in the left lane. That leaves the window for legal travelling speed in that lane to one mile per hour.

So, set that cruise control if you want to use that left lane in Nevada or risk a ticket.

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Navada makes one of the most annoying driving behaviors illegal Michael Dodge / Stringer
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