This is how red became the go-to color for sports cars Donut Media /YouTube:

Sports cars are notorious for their symbolic red coat of paint, but why is that?

Donut Media’s Nolan decided to take the question to heart and, armed with a child’s toy and some friendly encouragement from James Pumphrey, he uncovered why sports cars are commonly pictured as existing in a single color, red.

Turns out the color red holds a lot of subconscious. It symbolizes lust, power and violence. In fact, one study revealed the men were more likely to find a lady attractive if she just had the color red near her. Of course, on the flip side, it can make people apprehensive. There’s a lot of red things in this world that’ll probably poison you.

But a more specific example comes from 1907, when Count Scipione Borghese won the Peking to Paris race in Italy’s Itala Mod. Of course, that car was red.

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