Heroic Batman Impersonator Dies After Tragic Accident

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Lenny Robinson was a hero who dressed up as Batman to visit local Baltimore hospitals. He always rode in a black Lamborghini Gallardo made to resemble the iconic Batmobile. Sadly, he was killed this past weekend off Interstate-70 in Maryland.

Lenny was on his way home from a car show in West Virginia when he had to stop “partially in the fast lane” after encountering some engine trouble. While he was looking over his engine, a Toyota Camry side swiped his car, pushing it into him. When paramedics arrived at the scene he was pronounced dead.

Robinson was an internet sensation a few year back when dash cam footage of him being pulled over went viral. It was then that the world found out about his true intentions: his love of helping sick children meet one of their heroes and the joy it brought their families.

Our best thoughts and prayers go out to this caped crusader and his family. Rest in peace Batman.

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