Ford won’t build you a new Lightning pickup, but this dealership will. Pioneer Ford

How Ford hasn’t come out with a new Lightning yet is just mind boggling. They now have a super light aluminum body, and a war chest full of killer engine options. The pickup market is going nuts and people already love the crazy Raptor pickup so, whats the deal?

We may not ever get a real factory Ford Lightning ever again but luckily this is America, and we have badass dealerships who like to modify cars and sell them with full warranties. Pioneer Ford in Bremen, Georgia, just started creating Lightning tributes and the finished product is pretty damn cool.

Pioneer Ford
Pioneer Ford
Pioneer Ford

The truck starts life as a new F -150 regular cab with a 385 horsepower 5.0 liter V8. Pioneer is then able to raise that power number to 650 by way of a Roush supercharger. Since they are a Roush dealer the Ford warranty remains intact. You can even get an additional 3 year, 36,000 miles warranty on the supercharger.

With horsepower more than covered, it was time to make this thing look like a real Lightning. Pioneer added some classic 22 inch 5 spoke wheels that really do give it that Lightning feel. Of course the truck gets side exit exhaust and they were even able to score some authentic Lightning badges.

Pioneer will sell you a Lightning tribute for about $50,000 and two have already been built. With Ford Raptors selling for a lot more than that, this truck may just be a genius move for this dealership. Check out one of Pioneer’s Lightnings here.

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