Watch this otherwise pedestrian Subaru turn into a flying car

If Henry Ford wanted cars to fly, he would have built them with wings. Fortunately there's a deity out there who loves trolling Ford from beyond the grave, and that god gave the world tornados, which might be a tad more impressive than the assembly line.

Kevin Karas posted a video showing his Subaru Outback auditioning for some Harry Potter spinoff by temporarily letting go of the Earth and, to quote the Stephen Schwartz (may the Schwartz be with him), "defying gravity." Bet you never thought we'd shoehorn a nod to Spaceballs AND a Wicked reference into a story about tornados and Subarus.

Thankfully for everyone involved, no one was injured. But it does look like Karas's Outback took a nasty hit to the nose. Aside from that, no other significant property damage was reported, and not a single cow flew across frame.

Boom! We got Twister in there, too!

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