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Florida Road Rage Leads to Heated Struggle over a Baseball Bat

It's never a good idea to let road rage get the better of you. But, if you decide to hop out of your car with a baseball bat, it's probably a bad idea to let the other guy get his hands on it.

Back in June 2017, a cell phone video captured a road rage incident in south Florida during which, according to police, 24-year-old Hector Herrera struck 50-year-old Jairo Linarte with an aluminum baseball bat. The struggle between the two continued as they moved across multiple lanes of traffic, before they eventually moved back to the side of the road.

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Herrera was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, but he says the charge doesn't reflect what happened.

"I just want to say that I am not an aggressive person," the road rage suspect said. "My intention was not to hit him with the bat or nothing like that."

If his intent wasn't to hit the dude with the bat, then why in the hell was he swinging it around?

According to WSVN, Linarte said the incident began long before the cell phone video.

"He tried to cut in front of me, then got pissed off and got the bat and started to hit my truck, and that's what happened," the Florida driver said. "First, he started -- he hit my window."

The fight was eventually broken up by law enforcement. Herrera ended up facing a felony charge, while Linarte had to go to the hospital to get his shoulder examined. All in all, a pretty par for the course Florida man vs. Florida man road rage incident.

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