The Chevy SSR is suffering from a bit of an identity crisis


Doug DeMuro is back with another video, this time covering the bizarre Chevy SSR. A $50,000 vehicle that's part truck, part sports car and sort-of confused about its final identity.

The SSR definitely has it's quirks. For instance, you can't close the bed cover without dropping the tailgate, but you can open it with the tail gate closed. And you can store things in the space reserved for the roof, but if you forget it back there, you're going to have a bad time whenever you decide to go for the convertible look. Not to mention the fact that the SSR is a retro-style, two-seater SUV.

But there are some good things to the SSR. For one, it has a V8. V8s are pretty nice; most people like them, but the power from that block, at least on the earlier models, was tempered by a lackluster powertrain. DeMuro drove an SSR with a 4-speed automatic, which did a lot to diminish the 300 horsepower coming from the motor.


For all of its styling and attempts at sportiness, the Chevy SSR was only able to earn a final Doug score of 44 out of 100.