These owners aren't getting their much-anticipated muscle car because of this terrible accident


There are a few soon-to-be Dodge Demon owners that are sans-muscle car tonight. The Drive reported that a Reliable Carrier truck was transporting three Demons to their forever homes when disaster struck; the trailer and its precious cargo caught fire.

In the confusion following the blaze, a person claiming to be a Reliable Carriers employee said the fire was started by one of the Demons. That story quickly dissolved, when Reliable Carrier released a statement saying that particularly person didn't actually work , and had actually never worked at the company.

The fire was apparently caused by the truck actually transporting the cars, which were just unlucky enough to be caught in the inferno. That doesn't mean that Dodge was without pity though.


According the forum, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis told the affected owners that they would be made whole for their troubles, and promised they would receive new Demons with even lower VIN numbers. So props to Dodge for some next level customer service.