Family with young kids in car comes within inches of their lives -- and it's all on video

It never matters how safe of a driver you are; there are tons of idiots on the road just itching to kill you with their steel cage of doom.

The clip opens with a Dodge Charger in front from the point of view of a family of three following behind it, and you just feel the dread sink in, because this is dash cam footage, and we've been conditioned to always expect awful things from this medium.

You see the Charger pull ahead before cutting across the highway and nearly colliding with another car. Then you hear the wail of stressed tires on the road, and the family begins to panic. The next part of the video shows the interior of the car during the accident, and you can see just how close the car came to hitting them.

So drive safe, because you never know when your actions could cost a family their lives.

By the way, that catchy song on the radio is Saghiye Saghiye.