Dale Jr. wants to try another sport, and it has his fans in a frenzy

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is transitioning from racing into the broadcasting booth, and his first assignments as an analyst actually aren't NASCAR related.

Earnhardt will appear on NBC's Super Bowl and Winter Olympics coverage in February, and Olympic bobsledder Nick Cunningham offered to let Dale Jr. try bobsledding at Lake Placid before or after the Winter Games.

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Earnhardt tweeted back that he will take up Cunningham on his offer some time in the near future.

If NASCAR fans have missed seeing Dale Jr. race stock cars, maybe they'll be fortunate enough to see him race in the bobsled in the near future.

And, his fans let him know how excited they are.

NBC's NASCAR coverage doesn't start until halfway through the season, so the network is going to use Earnhardt for other events until they take over the NASCAR coverage for FOX.