I don’t why, but there’s just something about incredible chainsaws that rings true with car people. Maybe it’s just a healthy respect for anything with an engine that screams? Whatever it is, we just can’t just enough of videos showing chainsaws laying the smackdown on anything in their path.

This time, we’re checking out this insanely designed MS 880 Magnum chainsaw from Stihl. This bad boy is made to cut up the toughest of logs and trees. Just watch how it tears through this massive oak log like it’s nothing. So awesome!

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If you’ve got a Stihl chainsaw, or any chainsaw for that matter, then you probably know how important it is to pay attention to the upkeep of your saw, to ensure that it’s in the best condition possible. That’s where the right tools and replacement parts come into play, most of which you can fortunately order from Amazon.

First, we have the 14-Inch Replacement Chainsaw Bar & Chain Combo from Oregon, made specifically for a Stihl saw. The chain comes with 50 drive links for smooth cutting, while the bar is designed for low kickback and longer bar life. Durable and lightweight, this is one combo you can definitely count on.

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It’s also recommended that you replace your air filter every year. For less than $35, you can get the NWP Heavy Duty Air Filter from Baileys Inc., which will work on most Stihl chainsaws.

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To make sure you chainsaw’s engine in the best shape, you’ll want some high-quality oil. Stihl’s 2.6-ounce high performance ultra 2-cycle engine oil will do the trick just fine.

This biodegradable oil (which you can purchase by the six-pack) is top-notch when it comes to engine cleaning and lubrication.

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