The Fast and Furious franchise has suffered a few casualties. There was Han in Tokyo Drift, the untimely death of Paul Walker, but now, Corona?

Every fan remembers the weird and kind of awkward plug for the beer at the end of the first movie.

Ever since then, the beer has been a consistent part of the series. Picnic in Dom’s yard, Corona; Anytime the crew is in California, Corona; the end of The Fate of the Furious, Bud light, Stella?

It’s weird that the crew only recently discovered other brands of beer, but even weirder when you consider that Corona never payed a dime to be featured in the movies in the first place. That’s right, according to the movies’ producer Neil Moritz on Bill Simmons’ podcast, Corona got plenty of awkward product placement for free.

The series initially chose the beer because Gary Scott Thompson, who wrote the first movie, thought it fit the vibe of the characters, saying it was a very “East L.A. beer.”

And here I was thinking that Dom and the crew spent all their money on cars and explosives, so they just couldn’t afford good beer.

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Corona paid less than you’d think for Fast and Furious plugs @businessinsider /Twitter:
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