YouTuber TechRax is known for putting cell phones through all sorts of torture to see if they can survive things like waffle irons. You know, things we have all wondered. But, for this video, he did something different and decided to pour Coke into his 2003 BMW 325i wagon.

We’re not idiots. We know how this is going to end. That said, we were still curious to see how the whole thing would turn out.

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Predictably. That’s how. These geniuses drive their poor beemer until the coke gets pulled into the engine and causes the car to cut out in an intersection. After which one of the bros exclaims in his most surprised voice, “No way!”

These videos all have the same shtick: Do something stupid, then pretend to be amazed at the results. He then wraps it up, again, totally surprised that the repairs will cost more than the poor car is worth.

It didn’t deserve to go out like this.

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