Jack Cottle, the man behind the wheel of the white Volkswagen Polo that drove onto the track at Brands Hatch during a race this summer, has been jailed for eight months.

BBC News reports that the judge told Cottle he had “endangered many lives,” and that his actions were “premeditated and inexcusable.”

The 22-year-old was filmed entering the live track by a friend in the back seat of his car. Cottle’s girlfriend pleaded with him to stop for the duration of the stunt, and after returning to the pit lane she had to be taken to the on-site medical centre after suffering a panic attack.

Cottle played down the controversy at the time, saying “you only live once” and that people had “blown it out of all proportion.” Police disagreed, and arrested him shortly after the incident.

After being released from police custody – and in an attempt to defend his actions – ‘Full Throttle Cottle’ posted the following statement to Facebook:

Jack Cottle Facebook

In court, Cottle’s defence team claimed he “lacks maturity and is easily led.” He pleaded guilty to a charge of causing a public nuisance by driving onto a live racing circuit causing it to be stopped and putting competitors in harm’s way.

Source: Cassey, Darren. “The Idiot Who Drove His Girlfriend’s VW Polo Onto A Live Race Track Has Been Jailed For Eight Months.” Car Throttle. 17 Nov 2014.

Cocky Kid Drives VW Polo onto Live Track Fergus_R/Youtube

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