Company tries to scam car owner out of $3,500


If something is too good to be true, then, usually, it is. That often clichéd phrase is more than appropriate when it come to a scam that has nearly taken advantage of at least one Texas resident.

TheDrive reported that Catherine Jamieson from Carrollton, Texas, received a text one day from someone claiming to represent Dr. Pepper and saying that he/she would pay Jamieson $500 a week to place a sticker on her copper red Mazda advertising the company.

Jamieson clicked a link in the text, and soon she received a letter in the mail with a check $3,500 and instructions to send a money order for $3,000 back to the sender. The remaining $500 was for her to keep. If she had followed the instructions, the check would have certainly bounced, and she'd be on the hook for the full amount after the dust settled.

Instead, she second-guessed the offer and saved herself a mess of trouble. The Federal Trade Commission warns that these offers are always scams.