This man is being forced by the government to sell off a major part of his car collection

One man's junk yard, is another man's car collection. A 74 year-old man in Michigan is being forced by his township to sell off most of his collection that consists primarily of vintage Japanese and European cars.

The man's name is Ron Dauzet, and he lives in Northfield Township, Michigan. Ron has been collecting cars ever since he can remember and has accumulated around 200 cars. According to Jalopnik's David Tracey the township does not allow unregistered cars to be stored outdoor. Because of this law, they are forcing him to sell 20 cars per month leaving Mr. Dauzet completely overwhelmed.

Ann Arbor Craigslist

Tracey reached out to the township supervisor and she said it all boils down to blight. In her email she attached the township ordinance they are following, it reads like this:

"Operative or inoperative automotive vehicles or trailers of any kind or type which are unlicensed shall not be parked or stored in any recreation-conservation, agriculture, residential, office, or RTM zoning district other than in completely enclosed buildings."

She asked Tracey for help by adding this in her emailed response:

"The township has an ordinance that deals with unlicensed cars. They often contribute to blight...Most municipalities have such ordinances also. There is no problem if the cars are licensed or housed inside a building...I hope you can help him find new homes for some of the cars."

This all seems to make sense at first glance, but after Tracey investigated by actually driving to the property, it seems there's more to this story. According to Tracey, his property is so far off the beaten path that its very unlikely his car collection would bother anyone. It definitely raises questions on why the township is getting so involved. The quota of selling 20 cars per month seems a little extreme and unfair given the circumstances. Ron owns the property next door so in reality, no one is being bothered or affected in the slightest.

Ann Arbor Craigslist

To read more about this bizarre story and see some of this man's awesome collection click here to read Jalopnik's report.  You can also browse the Ann Arbor, Michigan Craigslist classified section to buy some of his cars.  He has some real gems in there.