You need to go drive a sports car, so says science


Ford's uncovered a secret benefit to driving its sports cars. Turns out they're good for your health.

The automaker commissioned a study to uncover what the researchers involved referred to as "buzz" moments. These moments are apparently so blissful and exciting that they actually benefit the health of the person experiencing them.

Results from the study, which doesn't mention any sort of peer review (keep grains of salt at the ready), reported that driving a Focus RS, Focus ST, or Mustang is more exciting that "Game of Thrones," a shopping spree, and even kissing, but not more exciting than a roller coaster. The study  written about in an article on carscoops


It might say more about the participants of the study that they enjoy a car more than their partners, but until another study backs up or disproves Ford's findings, we'll have to take them at the word that driving their cars is just super exciting.