If you only follow one racing series for the rest of your life, it should absolutely be the one that involves grown adults riding toy cars downhill. You may have never have heard of extreme Barbie Jeep racing before, but after watching video of some of the most funny, ridiculous power wheels-based wipeouts of all time, how can you not be completely on board with this?

Rednecks With Paychecks has uncovered the incredible Barbie Jeep race phenomenon and has even hosted events where people sit astride their most trusted Barbie car to ride down a rough, rocky hill towards a finish line. Yep, it’s pretty much as simple as that.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that “Barbie Jeep” is in the title though, because this thing is no kid’s game. As you can see in the above video, more often than not, these races eventually culminate in the driver physically having to carry his/her car over the checkered finish line.

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The racing is simple, the goal is unclear, and it’s accessible to nearly everyone with a beer and a child’s toy. Basically, it’s tailgating with a little bit of rough competition thrown in. What’s not to love?

Not only is downhill Barbie Jeep racing the true embodiment of the gearhead state of mind, but it’s probably one of the most epic ways to spend a weekend. Get a few friends together, pick up a couple cases of beer, cop a sturdy-looking Barbie Jeep, find the steepest hill you can, and try it for yourself. You’ll see what we mean.


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