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YouTube: dcrawford3127

Apparently, big wheels run in the Anderson family. The son of the legendary Dennis Anderson, the former Grave Digger monster truck driver, is making his own reputation in oversized trucks. His name is Adam Anderson, and he is responsible for the massive wheels on this Chevy C10 truck known as the Steam Roller.

The Steam Roller’s wheels are so huge, the bed of the truck had to be removed to make room for the tires, which are almost as tall as the truck’s cabin. The tires make the rest of the car look like a hot wheels toy. Check it out!

WATCH: Adam Anderson’s Chevy C10 Steam Roller

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The Steam Roller was built from a Chevy C10, but other than that, we don’t know much about it. Other than that it is awesome, of course. Images of an old pickup truck fitted with balloon tires have been floating around the internet for a while now, but no one knew that Adam Anderson’s Steam Roller actually ran. As we said, this old Chevy C10 has balloon tires, so we wouldn’t really call this truck a classic car. Or classy. But this Chevy pickup truck is certainly something, isn’t it?

See you at the car shows, Adam! Just don’t expect to use that chevy truck to pull a camper, anymore!

Adam Anderson’s Monster Jam Career

When he’s not crafting incredible custom trucks, monster truck driver Adam Anderson is killing it on the Monster Jam circuit. His career as a Monster Jam truck driver started back in 2005, when he competed in his truck named Taz (as in the Tazmanian Devil Looney Tunes character).

In 2008, at the Monster Jam World Finals 9 in Las Vegas, 22-year-old Anderson became the youngest Monster Jam World Champion by winning the Freestyle competition. In 2011, after several years of struggling with injuries, Anderson moved to the Grave Digger the Legend truck.


Anderson won his second Monster Jam World Finals championship in 2013, becoming the fourth driver in history to win both a racing and freestyle championship. In 2016, Anderson moved to the Grave Digger truck, in which he won the FS1 Championship Series, as well as his fourth world title and second world freestyle title. The multi-time world champion racked up his fifth world title and third world racing title in 2018, and the following year, he earned himself an invite to the Monster Jam World Finals 20 in Orlando, Florida.


Currently living in Poplar Branch, North Carolina, Adam Anderson has Monster Jam dominance in his blood. He’s, of course, the son of former Grave Digger driver Dennis Anderson, and his brother Ryan Anderson and sister Krysten Anderson also compete in the Monster Jam circuit. What a family!

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