No one would suspect the speed this Old VW Golf is capable of


There are sleepers and then there is this thing: An old ugly Volkswagen Golf that's pushing 64 psi of boost, making 1,233 horsepower and running 8s in the quarter mile. This Mk2 Golf was built by Boba Motoring. They swapped in a built 2.0 turbo 4 cylinder, modern 4Motion all-wheel drive, a sequential transmission and slicks on all four corners to make this happen. The car was also converted to run on E85 and only weighs about 2,600 lbs.

If you're a quarter mile racer with a little project of your own, watching this video will do one of three things.

One: It will instantly push you into performing more mods because if a Golf can run 8s, so can you.


Two: You will immediately put your car up for sale because your boosted V-8 modern muscle car still only runs 10s and there is no point in even trying anymore.

Three: you go out and buy an old Golf and a wrecked VW with 4Motion all-wheel drive car to duplicate exactly what these guys did.

What ever you decide, remember one thing: There is always someone faster. Unless you have an 8 second Golf, then you're probably safe.

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