coke can f1 car

DIY Pros Spent 400 Hours Making This 1,000-Coke Can Formula 1 Car

Pretty much everyone is familiar with the age-old question: How many Coke cans does it take to make a Formula 1 car? Ok, fine, it's not an age-old question, but in case you were wondering anyway, the answer is 1,000. How do I know this? Because some DIY pros, with way too much time on their hands, took it upon themselves to figure it out.

The folks over at The Q YouTube channel, who have also made a popsicle stick house for rats, a dog food dispenser from cardboard, and a racing boat powered by CO2 cartridges, were the masterminds behind the F1 replica car.

In the video's description, we get a look at a few of the specs for the project. Remember when I said these guys had too much time on their hands? It turns out that it was way more time than you might think.

Per The Q:

To build this car we spent more 400 man/hours, near 1,000 empty coke cans, used 5 different types of glue, more than 12 meters of PVC pipes and made really a lot of calculations. Our car scale is 1.5:1 to the original F1 build.

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400 hours? I haven't come close to putting in even half that amount of time on any sort of project. That is, unless you consider sleeping a project. Good for these guys, though. I'd say it was pretty excessive undertaking, but no more excessive than making a Formula 1 car with matches without using any glue. Wait, what?

Seriously, do these people not have families? Do they have nowhere to be? When do they make time to eat? This is just ridiculous. Also pretty cool, I guess, but mostly ridiculous.

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