You can build your own Batman Tumbler with this hero's instruction

Minivans have the capability to be so much more. They can evolve, be molded by the negligence of their owners, shaped by years of condescension, and finally crafted into a Batmobile by an Instructables contributor.

Kid Hero was able to show the true potential of the minivan by taking a 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan and turning it into the Tumbler from the Christopher Nolan Batman. The whole build cost him $3,200, including the donor car and all the materials.

Kid Hero started by stripping the van down as far as it could possibly go, kind of like the way the pit tore down Bane and Bruce Wayne, forcing them to train in order to climb out. Honestly, both of those processes would look amazing in montage form. In the meantime, in true Instructables, fashion, Kid Hero listed out his step-by-step guide on his page.

If you ever find yourself with way too much free time, it might be worth it to throw down some cash and hours for your own Batmobile.