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Drag Boat Motor Sounds Like an Absolute Beast


There's something so intimidating about a massive supercharged engine stuffed into any machine. You've seen those high-horsepower drag cars running down the strip, and you can tell as soon as you lay your eyes on them, that they mean business.

Well, you take that engine and you stuff it into a lightweight boat, and you've got yourself a watercraft that will scare just about anyone. Watch this video, and see for yourself how aggressive this thing is.

With a quick flip of the battery cutoff switch, the owner brings the power to this crazy boat. Then, he turns the ignition key, and you can hear just how noticeable the fuel pump is. If you couldn't tell just by looking at it, the fuel pump noise is a good indicator that this thing makes a significant amount of power. Then, the magic happens. This beautiful supercharged 468 V8 engine roars to life.


With its open headers, you know it's going to be rowdy. Instantly, the engine lopes like crazy due to its extremely large camshafts. The owner gives it a few short revs, but this engine pretty much speaks for itself just at idle. Hopefully, the guy's neighbors participate in the same kind of hobbies as him, because they might not be too happy with the noise in other scenarios. But, the great thing about owning this kind of boat is that you can't even hear the haters.

You've got to admire how clean this engine actually is. This guy has chrome just about everywhere you could imagine. You can always tell the people that take extreme amounts of pride in their toys. If I were to take a guess, judging by how nice this boat is, I'd assume the guy's got a few others stashed away that are just as gorgeous. Also, considering that he posted this video 13 years ago, it'd be interesting to see what kind of projects he's getting into today. If you're interested in checking it out, he does have videos of this boat on the water on his YouTube page, rixalot.

If you're interested in doing some crazy drag boat racing, you're going to want to have one that is very similar to this one. I wouldn't imagine this dude's losing too many races.



This post was originally published on June 15, 2020.

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