This is the perfect Foxbody Mustang for those who hate Foxbody Mustangs


Matt Farah stopped by to see the Hoonigans and was not impressed with their collection of nun running vehicles. What was far more impressive is what Farah showed up in: his (finally) completed 1988 Ford Mustang.

He chose the car for both nostalgic and practical reasons. The Foxbody Mustangs are what Farah pined after as a kid and being cheap and plentiful made the car the perfect choice for a meticulous build that will actually get driven.

This particular Mustang does not follow the mold of most, however. Mustangs usually tend to be modified in the direction of cheap straight line speed, with engine modifications being job number one. Instead, Matt has a unique creation in his Mustang that was painstakingly built to be a canyon carver. In fact, he says he hasn't done anything to increase the power of the engine, instead focusing on sorting out the chassis for handling.


The result is the opposite of most Fox body builds you see. The attention to detail and focus on handling made a car that perfectly fits Farah's personality. Even haters of these cars can respect that.