Virtual reality that teaches you how to build a car is coming

We have seriously come a long way since the days of deciding whether you want to be Mario or Luigi. The days of virtual reality gaming is here now and the advances are coming quick.

At the forefront of this revolutionary technology is Alex Moody who owns Digital Mistake Games. Alec is currently designing what you see in this video. It's a virtual reality game where the objective is preparing cars for Motorsports. Basically, his goal is for the gamer to walk into a virtual garage, pick up tools and repair or build a car.

The game is in its very beginning stages as you can see in the video. There are no tools yet or even a bench but Alec has grand plans that, if successful, could make him very well known and help thousands learn the skill of auto repair work.

Now of course there isn't any replacement for the real thing, but this game could help younger kids or people wanting to learn with limited funds to just go out and experiment. This could also be used as a training aid in tech schools or just a fun game mechanics can play in their spare time, because all mechanics want is to come home and continue to wrench on things.

Check out the video and check out his blog here.