Insane video shows a truck plowing through and pushing around a Corolla

Traffic is probably the least enjoyable aspect of driving. It turns what should be exciting, controlling a fast and heavy chunk of steel on wheels, into a slow grind where you're just trying to get to point b without losing your whole day.

Sometimes it's all too tempting to take advantage of the tiny space in the long line of cars to slip in between two drivers and swap lanes. Thing is, you really need to weigh your options and part of that is figuring out if the driver of your rival car can see you.

Natividad Rivera and her sister found out how important that factor is the hard way, when they pulled in front of a semi only to find their Toyota Corolla cast in the role of snow plow.

From the video, recorded by Larry Chroek, it seems that the truck couldn't see the car, and due to the ice and sound of the motor, couldn't see or feel that he'd picked up some extra passengers.

Thankfully no one was injured.

(H/T Kyle Cheromcha)