Race car gets obliterated on the race track,


Any wreck a driver can walk away from, that driver counts his or her blessings. Australian driver Todd Hazelwood was in such a bad wreck last Saturday, he hasn't stopped counting his.

NESN reports Hazelwood was competing in a qualifying run for the Sandown 500, an Australia race equivalent to a NASCAR Monster Energy Cup race. He was down to the last lap and in a tight pack with three other cars when he got bumped in the left side by Jono Webb. The impact caused Hazelwood to slide sideways at 160 mph and right towards a tire barrier.

The video above is amazing to watch. Hazelwood's car hit with such force, the impact spun the car several times in the air, peeling off the body panels. When he finally came to a stop, all you see in the middle of the car is Hazelwood sitting in the safety cage.

Not only did Hazelwood walk away from this wreck without any injury, he jumped behind the wheel of another car an hour later to run the Dunlop Super2 Series race. He came in 3rd. Now that's impressive.