This video shows why one of our favorite rules is to “Let cars win.” When riding a motorcycle, you have so much more at stake than the cages of steel around you. The last thing you want as a rider is to be anywhere near an angry driver.

Option one is to speed up to get away from them, cars can’t often match the acceleration of a bike, plus it is super satisfying to leave them fuming behind you. The problem is that it is very likely to just escalate the situation and the car could try to give chase, making it more dangerous for everyone.

Instead, the best option in most situations is to slow down and let them by. The angry driver is placated because they feel like they “won,” whatever that means, and you get the satisfaction of knowing you deescalated the situation and can continue on your ride peacefully.

When you instead choose the third option, which is to exchange words and gestures and maybe a kick or two, this happens:

The motorcyclist is lucky to still be rubber side down after nearly being pinned between a concrete divider and an idiot driver. While the rider got lucky, an innocent driver did not. The car loses control after its attempted manslaughter and clips a truck two lanes away, sending it flipping down the freeway.

According to NBCLosAngeles, the driver of the truck was sent to the hospital but is expected to recover. The police are looking for the biker and are investigating the incident.

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This double road rage incident shows exactly what not to do NBC Los Angeles
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