Even if you’ve never been sailing in your life, you probably have an idea about how much is really at stake during a ship launch, especially when ridiculously expensive ships are involved. While there have been plenty of epic ship crashes throughout history, many of these ship accidents can happen before the massive vessel even sets sail.

When it comes time to move a ship from land to water, everyone involved holds their breath, hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. Unfortunately, even with all the correct preparations, a launch gone wrong can happen at any time. That’s where the video you are about to see comes into play.

If you’re a fan of fail videos, this big ship launch compilation is the one for you. If you get easily triggered by cringeworthy gaffes or if one of these horrible ship launches happened to go down on your watch, then you’ll probably want to skip this one.

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Woof! That’s a whole lot of money basically just being thrown into the water. Of course, not all of the moments in this Ship Launch Gone Wrong compilation were on the same level. I mean, you can’t really call #8 a ship at all. It’s barely even a boat, if we’re being honest.


Let’s talk about #3 though. Wow. What a disaster. What an absolute disaster. And the way all that wood splintered off and went flying towards the camera? Hopefully whoever was filming made it out of there in one piece. Because that ship definitely didn’t.


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