School bus loaded with kids drags a Honda across the parking lot

The first day of school always sucks. If you're a kid, you know why. For all the parents, we know getting kids out of their fun summer routine of getting up late and playing all day is nearly impossible.

When you finally get those kids in the car for the first day its a huge relief, unless a school bus smashes into you and pushes you across the parking lot.

That's exactly what happened to a family in Louisville, Kentucky according to Wave 3 News. Hari Har Maharana and his wife Nibedita were attempting to drive their three year old to school. As they back out of their apartment complex parking spot, a massive yellow school bus with 46 kids on it smashes into the passenger side of the car.

At this point you'd think the bus driver would stop and run out of the bus to check on everyone involved in the accident. Nope, the driver just keeps trucking. The bus ends up pushing the car 121 feet while Maharana honks the horn for attention, and kids in the bus are screaming for the driver to stop.

According to Wave 3 they don't believe a medical event caused the driver to completely disregard what was going on. Jefferson County Public Schools are investigating and the driver has been suspended. If this driver was completely conscious this looks like nothing more than someone that was upset at the world and taking it out on an Accord. The school is calling it a "blatant disregard for safety."

Luckily no one was injured, and for the Maharan family the first day of school will never be the same.